Ultimate Ballast

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<<These are just being released, we are still working on some engineering, but the designs are locked in. Order yours today and let us know if you have any questions 214-509-8598 projects@entfab.com>>


Our Ultimate Ballast block is a modular, weight-adjustable ballast intended to support large truss structures. 

Empty weight is 267#, and you can get another 387# in there with 6" arbor weights, that would get you 654#, or with some custom shaped weights we can get to 900#, all in a 24"x24"x12" package. The weights have a shelf they slide on to from 2 sides and bolt in place to secure in place. the 1.5" pipe on the 4 vertical edges, and knockouts on the bottom corners are to allow clearance for scaffold style screw-jacks for leveling, large casters, or to stake it into the ground. 

As far as bolting stuff to it, the top supports square truss 12-20.5" mounted centrally, 12" mounted on edge or on all 4 corners, as well as diamond and offset diamond mounting. There's also threaded pipe top center. There is support for 12" truss mounting on all 4 sides for outriggers (16" and 20.5" supported if 2 units are stacked on top of each other) We have passthroughs for forks front to back, and extended knockouts around the pipe to the side; this allows half couplers, cheese boroughs, or slings to easily be attached without needing adapters. There are bolt holes on the base that match up with the ones on top to bolt multiple together vertically, bolt to the ground, or next to each other...